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Travelin down an empty road, Burden halved, share my load

People come people go as we roam, Need somewhere I call home


I lost you down the line, Tell everybody, I’m feeling fine

I might smile, but sometimes I’m so alone, Need somewhere I call home


Things aint bad, could be worse, I need love to quench my thirst

Torn & twisted, left stranded on the road, Need somewhere I call home 


I’ve never been this far before

Now the horse has gone & bolted from the stable door

I’m left here, on my own

Far away, from the place, I called home


The whiskey tells me I’m brand new, Keeps me sedated while I think of you

Morning comes reawakes my jaded soul, Far away from the place, I call home

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(No doubt about it, Davy Cowan is a unique talent and this is a highly listenable album. (Maverick)

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