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Oh little town I know so well, I saw you standing there

Draped in all your sparkling lights, A Christmas spell fills the air

It's been a while since I saw you're smile, You haven't changed that much

I travelled far to be with you, I longed for your familiar touch


I walked these streets in the early hours, They once belonged to me

Think of the nights that we'd meet up, And dreamed of all that we could be

A stranger now in my hometown, Once a spirit wild and free

People come and people go, And drift away like the sea


I believe in you believe in me x2


Now gather round this Christmas tree, And sing a song with me

It doesn't have to say that much, I need your company

We'll raise a glass to the future and the past, And recall a happy memory

It's one for the road and one for the ditch, and one for the spirits in the breeze


I believe in you believe in me x2

Oh Little Town I know so well, I saw you standing there

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Davy Cowan "It's Summertime"

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(No doubt about it, Davy Cowan is a unique talent and this is a highly listenable album. (Maverick)

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