Davy Cowan
Davy Cowan



Walking the pavement, my heads feeling tight

Dark clouds are closing, I start to lose sight

Move faster as I head for the Town I know it’s to late

I’ll be drenched like a clown, like a clown

The sky breaking clouds it’s pissing down rain

The cats & the dogs play a tune in my brain

Where do you go when you’re feeling so bad

Nothing changes round here, makes a sad man feel sad in the rain

The acids affecting my brain, running around in the rain



We said, Why, why, why, why, Why do we cry

The sky is in tears water pours from his eyes x2


Enter the High street it all looks the same

Got the geeks on the corner got the gonk doing the same

The shopping bag ladies talking so nice

The gossip, the scandal, the trouble & strife it’s a shame

Cars double parked, it’s the everyday scene

Double yellow abused, traffic warden looks mean

Prams & buggies run over your toes

The rain runs down the point of your nose in the rain

The acids affecting my brain, running around in the rain


The local supermarket gives shelter for now

Playing dodgems with the trolley, you follow the crowds

The music’s no good so I head for the door

It’s back to rain, I’m bound for once more it’s a shame

The local alkies are wet there Carlsberg’s are dry

An old lady brolly nearly pokes out my eye

People pass you with a push & a shove

It’s great to be home in the town that I love x4

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