Will You Ever Learn

Davy Cowan
Davy Cowan


Will You Ever Learn 

Where are you going, dressed like that

That’s a question, you’re parents ask

You’ll catch a cold, going out like that, will you ever learn


Can’t pick you’re family can’t choose you’re friends

Can’t save money, you have to spend

Make the same mistakes, time & time again, will you ever learn



Groundhog day when the morning comes

Deja vu under the same old sun

Can’t make you’re mind up, to be or still to come,

Will you ever learn


Chose to walk, you should’ve run

To late to shelter now the rain has come

You left you’re coat behind, you shouldn’t have done

Will you ever learn


You never listen to the good advice

You know better, your always right

I think you’ve missed the point, yeah, once or twice, will you ever learn



Time to wake up before noon has come

Get off you’re arse, there’s work to be done

The early bird, always catches the worm, will you ever learn


Regrets & burdens, gotta live with them

Gonna need broad shoulder to carry them

Remember these pearls of wisdom son, will you ever learn


Should have listened to the older folks

Like you once, they were young & broke

You try and tell em, that they’re the joke, will you ever learn


One more thing before you die

Take your chances as the years role by

Don’t look a gift horse in the eye, will you ever learn

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