Rushes 4-track EP - 2017

This is the brand new 4 - track EP entitled "Rushes"

Track 1. Rushes - This is one of a batch of new songs written recently... It's a universal love song which evokes the dark mistique and spirit of the Highlands and Islands, with the fresh Spring breezes rolling down from the Hills...

Track 2. Tender Sleep - A reworking of this enchanting song from the Fragile People album back in 2005. This is a song that has matured and evolved through the mists of time like a fine Malt whisky...I thought now would be a good time to present it as it would be heard now.

Track 3. Dream 2 B Free - This song was originally written back in 1996, I'd just moved into my own cottage after some trials and tribulations.. the kind that life throws at us from time to time.. I remember on one beautiful afternoon sitting having a couple of beers with the sun shining in through my blinds, enjoying a feeling of immense freedom and hope for the future. I never released it at the time and found a demo of the track back in January, I gave it a bit of a reworking, and here it is 21 years on.

Track 4: Show Me The Way - another song from my debut album back in 2005.. This song has rarely been out of the set list since its inception all those years ago.. Last year I got about working in the studio with various drum loops and different sounds and put together a more electronic version of this track, one of my favourites from the past.. giving this song a new, refreshing and almost haunting twist.

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BRAND NEW - Davy Cowan - Rushes

Davy Cowan "It's Summertime"

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(No doubt about it, Davy Cowan is a unique talent and this is a highly listenable album. (Maverick)

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