This album was produced by Martin Stephenson from 'The Daintees'  - With hints of 1977 New wave/ post punk tinged with Country, Folk/ Roots, there’s plenty of light & shade. Sometimes quite mellow & plaintive, sometimes more edgy & rugged.  Like, The Cars meets The Clash with a twist of Scott Walker meets Cash…  Stephenson pushing Cowan all the way on his vocal delivery… digging deep, finding new directions, turning different corners…

TRACK LISTING: 1. Working Man 2. Home 3. In-Dependence 4. Answerphone Song 5. Will You Ever Learn 6. Head Up West 7.Love That Never Was 8. Ramblin' Boy 9. Town That I Love 10. In Your Arms

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Davy Cowan: Working Man

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(No doubt about it, Davy Cowan is a unique talent and this is a highly listenable album. (Maverick)

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Live Shows

  • Aug 18
    The Gellions,  Inverness
  • Aug 23
    MacCallums,  Inverness
  • Aug 24
    THE ARCH INN,  West Shore Street
  • Aug 30
    MARKET BAR,  Inverness
  • Sep 4
    The Violin Music Bar,  Luxembourg